Last year, Research In Motion acquired Gist, a company that tied in social networking information with your contacts. RIM has been using the Gist technology in BlackBerry PlayBook OS and deeply in BlackBerry 10. Due to this added responsibility to oversee all of RIM’s social integration, Gist has decided to close. Here’s their official statement they’ve sent to customers:

We started Gist in 2008 to make connecting with your key contacts faster and easier to help you create stronger business relationships.  In February of 2011, we become part of Research In Motion (RIM) to bring the Gist vision to millions of BlackBerry customers. Since our acquisition we built the BlackBerry Playbook Contacts app and more recently, our team has been tasked with creating the native address book/contact manager for the next generation platform, BlackBerry 10.

In addition to our core focus on the Contacts app, we have been given expanded responsibility for everything social at RIM including BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter apps and instant messaging as well as much of the identity platform, location services and user analytics features.

With all this responsibility, we feel even more empowered to deliver a truly unique and amazing experience for aggregating, enhancing and connecting you deeply with your key contacts. All of this feels pretty exciting, but you may have noticed limited innovation on the core Gist product offering over the last year. In an effort to make the most of our new focus, we have, with heavy hearts, decided to shutdown the stand-alone Gist service. Sigh.

As of today, we are no longer accepting new users and will officially be closing on September 15, 2012.  Click here to read the blog post and learn how to get your data out of Gist so you can transition to another service

This should not affect current users. Despite Gist no longer having their doors open, we’re excited to see what their team comes up with for making BlackBerry more social. Do you think this was a smart move for Gist?

Thanks Harold!