We told you a while back about RIM acquiring Gist, a company that creates profiles of people from your business network by collecting publicly available information from sources like Rapleaf. The profile data is available every time someone sends an e-mail. Finally, some results from the union have showed up as Gist becomes available for the BlackBerry Torch! Here are some of the features:

  • Get news, status updates, and contact details for everyone in your network.
  • See a unified contact list across email, social networks, and other sources.
  • Use Search to navigate the contact list quickly, or sort the list by Name or Importance. Importance is a score based on your interactions with people in your network.
  • Easily share a social update or news item via email.
  • Add contacts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and your email accounts to your BlackBerry smartphone by using the Gist web application together with Gist for BlackBerry.

Download Gist for BlackBerry Torch >>