Niko and myself had a great time while at BlackBerry World 2012 and BlackBerry 10 Jam. RIM gave out some small swag (a BlackBerry notepad and Enterprise customer-branded cantine) with the best thing being pins with the BlackBerry World and BlackBerry 10 Jam logos and dates.

We have enough great memories ourselves of what might have been the most important events in RIM’s history (Showcase of BB10 features). To share these historical events with you, we’re giving away two BlackBerry World and BlackBerry 10 Jam pins. Here’s how to enter:

  • You must be a registered member of N4BB. When you comment, you’re name will appear in green and it will link to your profile. If you’re not logged in and comment, your entry will not be valid. Make a comment to this post signalling your entry, and state which pin you’d like to win.
You have until next Tuesday May 22nd. We will randomly select the winners. This giveaway is open to users world-wide. Good luck!