With the recent release of PrivacyStar 2.0, and since privacy seems to be the popular thing to try and keep this Holiday season, we thought we’d share 3 copies with you. PrivacyStar blocks voice callers (individual, entire area codes, all private or unknowns), provides realtime caller ID (like on landlines) and if you are on the National Do Not Call Registry, will let you file complaints with the FTC straight from your phone.

You can also report unfair debt collecting practices (for example, if a debt collector calls you unceasingly or harasses your family) to the FTC from your phone. PrivacyStar compiles all the necessary call information with your comments and it is automatically sent to the regulatory authorities. It is a robust and feature-rich app (also includes: Do Not Disturb and SmartBlock), that is really very useful for everyday use

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For more information on PrivacyStar, please visit www.privacystar.com