Tilt landed in BlackBerry World yesterday and it brings a ship-full of potential into the BB10 harbor. Utilizing the devices gyroscope the app is able to reveal  contextual information using ReFocus Labs SideKick engine as a backend. As you tilt the device up from a flat surface you’ll see different entries reveal within the interface. These entries are autosorted by their priority on the device and allow you an at a glance look at some of the most important information a device can provide.

The app covers the following: Weather, Priority Notes, Calendar, News, Places, and Battery Stats. All in one gorgeous app.

Tilt however, feels very nascent. It could be a powerhouse application for the platform but needs more customization and a deeper level of integration. Despite perhaps some API limitations I’d love to see more invocations to keep everything contained within the application itself. Support for voice dictation perhaps, curated RSS feeds of the users preference, BBM updates, Remember integration and others would be welcomes additions.

Many want to be able to prioritize the items themselves or even change the colors of entries to meet their taste. Regardless the app represents a big leap forward. The paradigm is much different than other applications allows a more indirect way of getting information from your device easily and discretely. The hyper connected individuals that make up team BlackBerry now have a contextual assistant to help them stay engaged with not only the people around them but have their world at a quick tilt. If only BB10 let us set this application as our default lock screen *drools*

Fantastic to see developers making use of the inspirational concepts from BlackBerry!

Have you downloaded Tilt? What are some features you’d like to see added as the app takes root in BlackBerry World?