As I type this article, I’m sitting in Logan International Airport in Boston, MA and waiting for my  flight that will take me back home to Dallas, TX. I just finished a nine day vacation that included a seven day cruise to Nova Scotia, Canada and other locations. Not only was this a vacation from work, life, bills, and general responsibilities, it was also a vacation from my BlackBerry. I would literally be going ‘cold turkey’ from BlackBerry.

It may seem odd to learn that I took a vacation from my BlackBerry; if you know me, you know how much I rely on this little piece of machinery that I lovingly refer to as Lord Zed.  However it’s true. I told people as I was preparing for the trip that one of the reasons I was excited for it was because I was going to be able to be without my phone for an extended period of time.

I was very grateful that I would have no signal while on the cruise ship, and that my access at the four ports of call would be dependent on available WiFi. I needed a vacation from incessantly and habitually pulling out my phone every few minutes to check messages, delete emails, update Facebook,  etc. I enjoyed my data detox because I wasn’t so caught up in trying to remember and share the moment. Instead I actually enjoyed what was happening.

Now of course this is not to say that I didn’t use my phone to take tons of pictures, or play a game or two when I had down time. I was also desperately searching for WiFi in every building I went to while exploring the different ports of call.

I essentially spent a week without my phone, and I can say I enjoyed it. Have you ever taken an extended vacation from your addiction to BlackBerry? Let me know how you felt about it and what you did to cope in the comments below.