Niko recently brought it to my attention that he had bought a gold battery off eBay. The Chinese manufacturer of this gold battery boasts a shocking 2430 mAh capacity. This is significantly higher over the standard 1230 mAh battery RIM provided.

Should you use a gold battery? I’ve seen mixed feedback throughout the interwebs. Some users have said they see just a couple extra hours of use, but nothing dramatic. While others say they’ve been very impressed. Especially with the price point for this 3.7 volt gold battery.

According to the eBay listing, you can get a JM-1 battery for only $4.99. This lithium ion gold battery is also said to have an integrated chip to prevent overcharging and lengthen battery life. To answer the question, at mere 5 bucks you really don’t have much to lose for what all you could gain.