The limited edition gold BlackBerry Passport priced at USD $999 sold out within minutes of availability. Though, there were only 50 made available, which elevates the exclusivity of the device.

As expected, as some buyers have received their devices, eBay is now seeing the devices hit for auction.

One customer is selling their 45 out of 50 limited edition gold Passport with a starting bid of USD $4,000. Here’s the description of the listing:

“You are bidding on a LIMITED EDITION, Black and Gold, BRAND NEW, BlackBerry Passport. Only 50 of these were produced worldwide! It comes with the original packaging and all accessories. You will also get the bundled Valextra Black Leather Case that BlackBerry shipped with this rare model. The box was only opened to ensure the phone is operational and free of defects, no SIM card was ever inserted nor was this phone ever used. It is the “45/50″ unit! I will also include the invoice BlackBerry sent me for warranty purposes.”

If you’re very interested in picking up the device, you have just over a day left. Check out the photos of the device below and the eBay listing here. But, remember, the device isn’t made of real gold.