The US and Canada were the first regions to release the BlackBerry PlayBook, and the UK will be getting it on June 16th. However, it seems the BlackBerry PlayBook has already hit Turkey with all three flavors.


  • 16 GB: Normally: 836$ Now: 795$
  • 32 GB: Normally: 987$ Now: 938$
  • 64 GB: Normally: 1,150 $ Now: 1095$

Included is a 2 year Warranty (It must be 2 years because of laws), One year life and accident insurance as present, Payment up to 24 months (12-9-6 months), and Free UPS shipping (same day shipping)

An optional VIP protection plan given by retailer for $110 (It also cover theft/water leak/drop) 365 customer satisfaction plan, which you can give device back after 6 months of usage and they pay 70% percent back, up to 12 months of usage they give 60% of price back. A pretty unique marketing plan indeed. For more info click here.

Thanks Roy!