Our friend William from WNG Supplies let us know about their latest BlackBerry custom look, and this time they’ve got their hands on the recently released Classic and tossed some gold all over it for rapper Drake.

The BlackBerry Classic gets an upgrade with a 24kt gold plating all around the edges. We’ve got a few more pictures below that you’re going to want to drool over.

Most likely you’ll notice that the bottom edge and frets don’t have the plating on them. That’s because they are plastic.

This sexy beast will set you back £1999, so if you’re interested in ordering a custom made gold-plated BlackBerry Classic, You can buy from @supplier2stars on instagram and twitter. Email at supplier2stars@hotmail.co.uk

This first unit you see here is for Canadian rapper Drake. Our friend at WNG Supplies is also making another for their long time client and owner of La Mania in Poland.

Check out the photos and let us know what you think in the comments below!