When it comes to productivity and profitability of businesses, the suggestion that you might get most is the use of mobile technology. Yeah! That’s right. If you are looking for productive workforce with efficient infrastructure then Blackberry can be the one that can give your idea of well management a strong base. Businesses can hardly say no to Blackberry when it comes to speedy sharing of info and management of documents.  Blackberry is premium for businesses.


Small business and large businesses all are going mobile. The business features of blackberry can compel anyone to go for Blackberry. But if you are a keen business employer then you can understand that if internet is a major part of your business, that can even give you more harm than good. You know what next come here; the BBM spy software like StealthGenie a good technology and a way to ensure security of your business.

Before telling you that why you should go for any spy software, here are some effective Blackberry business features that make it your first choice.

You may be using tungle.me in order to improve your business calendar. You can sync it with public version where you can plan meetings with clients and your business partners.


What can be better than BlackBerry Bridge App that can assist you in transferring your tasks, email info and business contacts from desktop to mobile? This Blackberry app can sort out things for you and can save your crucial time.


You employees may have important business contacts or confidential client list whose security is imperative for you. Be careful and check whether their Blackberry has some confidential information in the form of photos that if leaked can give your business a loss.

You can think of accessing their multimedia if you want. You can view their photos and see what they have in their phone.


Coming back to your need of your Blackberry spy app here is one case.

You might have asked your employee to go and check the project implementation in the field and meet two to three clients. He nodded his head and you are satisfied that today’s task will be done. Feeling is great I know! Suddenly you got a call form one of your client asking for your employee who has not reached yet. You called him, and he said I am in a meeting with the same client. Oh! You got him red handed. But if you are anxious to know where he is now, you can view their current GPS location on a map and see where they are.


Not only this, you can even view their travel route on a map and can check where they have been through.

Business works on the idea that is unique and gain popularity later on. The business users also have the Evernote app that gives your idea some sense. You can make lists, take notes, and tag pictures all with your blackberry. With this Blackberry app you can give your innovation a freedom.


Remember! If you have shared your business unique idea you need to make sure that it is not leaked. The idea can be your new marketing strategy against competitors, or an idea of re-launching your brand. May be you can’t stop it leaking even if you are monitoring but you can catch the black sheep at least.

What you can do is that, you can view incoming/outgoing emails to see what they have been communicating with clients and customers.


You can also look at the instant messengers like WhatsApp messages can be one of them. Even if they are sharing photos on WhatAapp you can get to know easily. The best part is that your employee doesn’t even know that.


What You Should Be Doing Next If You Catch Your Employee Red Handed?

You would probably

  • Fire your employee straightaway
  • You can even file a case against him as you have the proofs in the form of online control panel of BBM spy software
  • Last you can have the option of control their phone remotely by StealthGenie, so that you can wipe their phone to avoid any leak of information further.

You have made Blackberry a significant part of your business. It let you to do things instantly. But if you will not provide it security with BBM spy software then it won’t be as much productive as you think it is. Have you given blackberry to your employees? What key strategy are you using to keep a check on your employees? Let me know!