Speaking at D11, head of Android and Chrome at Google, Sundar Pichai, said when BlackBerry 10 gains more users the company will build dedicated apps for the platform.

“We want to reach as many people as possible,” Pichai told Walt Mossberg at the D11 conference in California after being asked why Google was keen to develop for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, but not necessarily Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. “For platforms that don’t have that many users at scale, we have great HTML5 apps. If they get more users, we will make apps.”

These comments come after the hot debate regarding Google’s ethics with app support for other brands than Android. Microsoft was quite vocal about the lack of a native YouTube app on the Windows Phone platform.

Currently, the only thing Google has supported on BlackBerry 10 is Gmail support. Perhaps one day BB10 users can expect to see Google Now, Maps, dedicated Gmail app, and more.

via AllThingsD