BlackBerry 10 offers a unique operating system experience. Users can use native apps securely on BlackBerry 10 with the ability of emulating some Android apps.

The utilization of the Android runtime has allowed BlackBerry 10 users to access and use nearly all available Android apps. However, apps that require the Google Play services will not work properly, if at all.

Apps like Chrome browser and more requires Google Play services in order to use a Google account for its use. Though, as it stands with BlackBerry 10’s current implementation of the Android runtime, BlackBerry cannot (legally) incorporate Google Play services.

It would be against Google’s current Terms of Service agreement. BlackBerry would essentially be required by Google to have at least 21 selected and pre-installed Android apps and have the Android logo appear on device boot up screen.

After the BlackBerry Classic launch event held in New York City, a media Q&A session was held. In the session, BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen answered a series of questions from the media.

It was asked if BlackBerry would ever get to implement the Google Play services into BlackBerry 10 and “unlock” those remaining unavailable apps. “Google Play services is not in the cards for BlackBerry 10,” Chen replied.

As unfortunate as it may be, it’s certainly understandable given Google’s requirements. Nevertheless, at least 200,000+ Android apps currently are available for BlackBerry 10 via the Amazon app store.