Are you one of the lucky new BlackBerry Z3 owners? Well if that is the case you will need some kick ass apps to go with it. People say BlackBerry doesn’t have apps but I would beg to differ. Here are some of my absolute favorite apps I have installed on my personal Z3


iGrann – A great instagram client with an awesome native feel. I personally love the ability to “ReGrann” my favorite pictures.


Blaq – The most trusted and loved Twitter client since the PlayBook.  With a beautiful user interface  , hub integration and fast push notifications this is one of the most downloaded applications on the platform!


Whine – Another fantastic native app that can be found in BlackBerry World. This is a Vine client that does everything you need including uploading videos. It is very well made and comes HIGHLY recommended


Snap2Chat – The absolute best snapchat client. Heck sit even has more features that the original app. Why download an android port when we have a fantastic native solution.  Definitely worth every penny!


Go Music – I talk about this app a lot. I get I am being repetitive but I LOVE Google play music. Having a library of 14k songs available on my BlackBerry at any moment is very convenient.


BlackBerry Travel – If you travel you need this app. One of the greatest travel companions available on any platform. Being a lucky employee of N4BB I get to travel  a lot and I would be lost with out it. THANK YOU BLACKBERRY


BlackBerry Express – Another great BlackBerry made app. Best mobile app to create beautiful presentations on the fly. A great showcase of the power built in BB10


SoundHound – This is a great song recognition app. This is the best way to find out what is the name of that song playing on the radio.


9GAG – Get this app! So much fun and always a picture to make your day go a little smoother. Hilarious.


Chive On – A perfect theCHIVE native app. You can view galleries, adds post to your favorites and the cool ability to add photos as your wallpaper.


Crackle – This is a great app from Sony that allows you to stream older movies right on your Z3.  Movies include Bad Boys and Ghostbusters are now available for your pleasure. (might be available to certain regions)


Trapeez – This is the most used app on my Z3. A beautiful native tublr.  The app allows you to post photos and text, view your following and search by tags. The developer has put a lot of work and there is a new update in the works!


Candid – This is one of the best made apps on the platform. I would describe it as digital social diary that lets you record life anonymously. It is slowly becoming a very popular app and I recommend this to all BB10 users.



So these are some of my favorite native apps on my BlackBerry Z3. Tomorrow night I will post my top 10 Android apps on my z3 including apps found in BlackBerry World or various Android markets.