With two legitimate “check-in-apps” on the market for BlackBerrys, one might have trouble figuring out “which one is for me?” No fear, in this article we will put the Gowalla app and Foursquare app for BlackBerry to the test versus each other. Hopefully, after reading this you will be able to choose which one and see the differences and faults of them both.

Foursquare: To get the Foursquare app, go to http://foursquare.com/blackberry/beta  via your BlackBerry Browser or head over to BB App World and download there.

Gowalla: To get the Gowalla app, go to http://gowalla.s3.amazonaws.com/blackberry/Gowalla.jad via your BlackBerry Browser and download. you can download to your computer and then install via Desktop Manager but that is a hassle.



  • Check-in via your location
  • Alerts about people wanting to be your friend
  • Popular spots
  • A record of where you have been
  • Posts your “Check-ins” to both Twitter and Facebook

  • Check-in via your location
  • Alerts for people you are friends with
  • Give a shout to people (does not have to be a check-in)
  • Posts “Check-ins” to Twitter
  • Gives a link to the post to see where you are on a Google Map
  • Displays Tips that others have posted for places in your area
All in all, I think Foursquare is what people want, but Gowalla has enhanced the foundation of Foursquare so it may plan on adding more of the things that has made 4S so popular. Let us know which one you prefer by dropping a comment below.