GTA Online Biker Gangs

Rockstar has not uttered a word that’s even remotely related to possibly confirming the highly anticipated sixth installment of its blockbuster franchise, Grand Theft Auto — but it doesn’t go to say that the company isn’t hard at work.

Word is out that, as of writing, Rockstar North has decided to come up with a unique DLC for its record-breaking earner, Grand Theft Auto Online, and it looks like the company has been taking careful steps towards creating new and unique experiences intended to keep the GTA flames burning as the world eagerly awaits GTA 6.


Rockstar has recently confirmed that GTA is set to receive two updates for August; one of these updates includes a feature called ‘Stunt Race Creator’, while another is largely believed to have something to do with bikes.

The latter, according to reports, is expected to bring biker gangs to GTA Online. Evidences supporting this claim seem to continue to mount, and the most plausible of them was provided by famous YouTuber MrBossFTW — which revealed a coding seemingly intended for a GTA Online DLC.

The said update is yet to be confirmed and named by Rockstar, but it is expected to be released sometime later this month.

Aside from the Stunt Race Creator and the Biker Gang additions to GTA Online, more CEO and/or VIP missions are also expected to be added together with the updates. Housing references in the codings that are believed to be connected to the latest GTA Online DLC have also been recently revealed, which means new properties may be up for grabs sometime soon in the game.

The codes recently revealed, however, are supposedly not so recent anymore as they appear to have been in the game for quite some time now — a fact that suggests that they’re likely unfinished projects by Rockstar. Whether or not the new updates will contain what is expected of them only goes to show whether Rockstar still intends to finish what seems to be something they’ve already started.