GTA V Redux Mod

Graphics mods makes PC games look better every time, almost. The GTA V Redux mod is one such graphics mod by Josh Romito, which not only makes the game look better, but also adds several new elements.

GTA V for PC was released more than a year ago, but it’s still a pretty good looking game in terms of graphics. However, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, and make things look better, then you need to try out the GTA V Redux mod.


The mods developer, Josh Romito, has been working on the mod from quite some time. It was originally supposed to be out this month, but is now set for a September release.

The Redux mod doesn’t just improve the graphics of the game, but it also adds tonnes of new game elements. There’s plenty of changes in the game-play, weather, vehicles, police, real-world ads, new physics, and more.

GTA V Redux Mod Features

For those who want to give GTA V some new graphics and features, the Redux mod is the answer. You are going to need a powerful computer to run the game with the mod, as it features heavier graphics and other tweaks.

gta v redux screen

The full list of new features that are available in this mod, is very long. Therefore, we’ve listed down some of the main improvements and additions.

  • 100% re-configured population levels, with options to customize to your liking
  • Brand new pedestrian spawning, adding story-line characters into the natural population.
  • All pedestrians react much different, with much larger variation. Depending on the individual you approach, reactions will different.
  • Brand new vehicle spawning, and the addition of all DLC vehicles into the spawn cycles.
  • Fluctuating population levels between different times of day and location.
  • Random events and crime happen much more frequently.
  • Now see up to 8 police cars with helicopters chasing down AI criminals in the city.
  • More and varying police now spawn on the streets and hunt down criminals! Watch out!
  • Highly increased scenario pedestrians to add more life to the city! (drinking coffee, eating, walking dogs, jogging, hiking, general activity, etc)
  • A new Porsche sports-car has been added.
  • AI handles car crashes, popped tires, violence, destruction and death, while behind the wheel, different. Enjoy the Shocking reactions!
  • Trains now travel much faster.
gta v redux screen2

To read the entire list of mods and tweaks, head over to the GTAV Redux website.

Release Date and New Trailer

The GTA V Redux mod will be released on September 16th. Pricing details haven’t been revealed yet, but it will most likely be free. Check out the latest trailer of the mod running on a PC.



[youtube id=”a-htIvp0ucw” align=”center” maxwidth=”900″]

What do you think of this new GTA V mod? Too bad PS4 and XBox One won’t be able to enjoy this one.