BlackBerry shocked the world when the company unveiled a BlackBerry 10 Slider at their Mobile World Congress 2015 event.

Besides a quick reveal, nothing more than the device featuring a curve-edged display was announced. However, deeper analysis of the photographed Slider have given hints.


Recent rumors spreading throughout the BlackBerry community puts the Slider’s codename at “Venice.”

Though, what BlackBerry intends to call the Slider for its go-to-market brand is unclear. This leads us to our latest giveaway…

We will giveaway a brand-spanking-new BlackBerry 10 Slider to the first reader who can accurately guess the correct brand for the Slider.

To enter: simply think of the brand name that BlackBerry might choose and leave a comment with your choice.

This giveaway will be active until BlackBerry officially announces the Slider’s final in-market brand. At which point, one (1) winner, who was first to guess correctly, will be selected and given an IOU until the Slider is made officially available.

Be creative, good luck, and comment with your entry below! By entering this giveaway you agree to be bound by our giveaway Terms and Conditions, found here.

*UPDATE* – A recent leak has occurred, which looks to confirm the official retail branding of the BlackBerry Slider to “Priv.” Unfortunately, no one guessed this correctly. Due to the leak, this giveaway has officially closed. However, we are looking into another giveaway, stay tuned.