This is one of my favorite BB1o applications. Not because the developer Jeremy Duke @BerryInformed is a good buddy of mine, but because I have practical uses for this application multiple times throughout my week. It’s the best solution for BlackBerry 10 that combines a massive catalog of memes (pronounced meems) and device renders for us to easily embed our own imagery to showcase our ideas, thoughts, apps and stories.

Memes, we all see them as funny pictures with relatable texts, but these images are really a cultural transmission of thought-a unit of imitation. Duke has done a marvelous job allowing BB10 users to express and create with his MockIt! application. The first independent developer to gain entry into BlackBerry Beta Zone, therefore it’s not surprising the level of quality and finesse that has gone into building this application.

With MockIt I wanted it to be swipes and natural as far as navigation in Cascades, but different and modern.
Jeremy Duke

I have personally loaded numerous builds testing this beta 3 before it went into the beta zone and I have seen not only smart design moves but a big leap in functionality as well. Not only are both the device mocks and meme sections expansive, customization in regard to text-editing is phenomenal.


As with previous builds there is a hidden Easter egg within the application. *Good luck* in trying to unlock it. If you do manage the correct gesture and can crack the eggs short pass phrase you’ll be allowed a sneak preview at the 3rd section labeled “Coming Soon I Promise.” The third and last section of the application shows you a picture frame collage which is another big unfilled whole within the BB10 ecosystem I’m definitely looking forward to more on that end as well. The application is one of those rare ones on BlackBerry 10 that empowers the creativity of the user to express themselves, their imagery in unique and fun ways.

If you’re already familiar with the application here are some of the new changes.


  • More mocks!
  • More memes!
  • New icon!
  • Much improved UI/UX
  • Ability to stick / favorite memes and mocks so they are easy to find in the lists (Note: Users can reset their favorites and revert the lists back to defaults in the help section)
  • New meme editing UI
  • Registered with BlackBerry invocation framework so users can “share to” and “open in” MockIt (for Memes only)
  • Added one time tutorial splash screen when users first visit the meme editor

Head over to BlackBerry Beta Zone to download your copy and submit your feedback on the application!