Just the other day we showed you a work-in-progress native Instagram app for BlackBerry 10 called iGrann. Another, more polished native Instagram app called Blackgram has made its way into BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry users lack an official Instagram app for BlackBerry 10. However, AppStars has done a fairly great job at filling the void. Some of Blackgram features include:

  • account creation
  • profile picture change
  • full browsing: followers, following, liked.
  • search users and tags
  • like, unlike, comment, follow and unfollow
  • select a picture from your albums or take a photo with the camera
  • edit the image with the integrated editor and native filters
  • original Instagram™ filters (server-side)

Blackgram is available once again for BlackBerry 10 at a price tag of $2.99 in BlackBerry World here. Check out the video below to see Blackgram in action on a Z30.