Earlier today, the developer of iGrann, a native Instagram app for BlackBerry 10, released a beta of their app. iGrann is one of a few emerging third-party Instagram apps for BlackBerry 10.

While still in beta, iGrann has many features like exploring Instagram users and hashtags, seeing your Instagram feed for users you follow, liking and commenting on photos, and uploading your own photo.

In the settings of iGrann choose the file upload method to be a previously saved image or use of the camera. It seems it would be nice if it prompted you with the options upon hitting the upload button. After your file selection or picture has been captured you can add filters using the native BlackBerry 10 photo editor.

Since iGrann is not an authentic Instagram app, you miss out on their filters. Currently, the beta also lacks viewing your own or other users profiles, which makes it difficult to see all of their photos.

Nevertheless, iGrann is off to a great start. See how the beta of iGrann looks in the hands-on video below:

See more info on iGrann and to download the beta here.