We got to fully test out a Verizon Storm2 9550 running on (a bit old? but it’s the current test build) OS today. It caught us off guard and we could only take the shots with an original Storm1 (how ironic), so we apologize for the fuzzy images. We hope to get a few more clearer photos and a video up soon. Like you’ve probably heard before, the Storm2 is a great step-up from the Storm1. It felt very solid in design and didn’t feel like it was rushed. You won’t hear things moving around if you shake it as you would with Storm1.
Wi-Fi was undoubtedly amazing! The Storm2 came with a pre-installed Microsoft Bing launcher (bye bye Google?) so we tested how quickly it loaded on Wi-Fi. Needless to say Bing, Yahoo, and other full webpages loaded very quickly. The power-lock works very similar to the iPhone’s version. The Storm2 locks immediately, unlike Storm1, so this should dramatically help in saving your battery. Nevertheless, we’ll have our full review in the next couple of days (before launch). More photos after break…