While making a fifth generation Galaxy Note is really a no-brainer, making a bigger S6 edge wasn’t exactly a safe bet in my opinion. When we first heard that Samsung was getting ready to super size their S6 edge, I wasn’t convinced this was a smart idea. Thankfully, Samsung has really thought out the design of this device and made it incredibly well. They say first impressions are extremely important and both the Note 5 and the S6 edge + do not disappoint. Here are some quick thoughts on today’s new devices. 

Galaxy S6 edge +

Samsung has decided to bring one of the sleekest designs to an even bigger smartphone. The curved edges on the Galaxy S6 edge are made even bigger in this + version, and it totally works. One of the greatest parts of the S6 edge + is how small it feels for a device that’s rocking a 5.7-inch display. Samsung has done one of the best jobs out there of minimizing the bezel on its larger phones. While both the Note 5 and edge + feature screens bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus, they’re both smaller in size overall. I cannot overstate how important this is for people with smaller hands like myself.

Samsung has also added App Edge to the S6 edge +’s software. Adding apps to the People Edge option that was already available on the regular S6 edge is definitely a plus, and will certainly be useful for those that end up picking up this device. Here’s hoping they decide to bring this app-launch ability to their smaller S6 edge.

Much like with the S6 and S6 edge, both the Note 5 and edge+ feature gorgeous cameras that take incredibly beautiful pictures. The iPhone has finally met its match when it comes to being the best in mobile cameras, and Samsung could easily take the crown just based on personal opinion.

It remains to be seen how well the S6 edge+’s battery will last, but I get a feeling we may not really care just based on the fact that it has built-in super fast wireless charging.

Check out some additional pictures of the S6 edge+ below.


Galaxy Note 5

Samsung didn’t really have to change too much on the Note 5 to certify it would be a hit. The Note series is one of the most popular in the world, and Samsung is ensuring this continues with its latest flagship phablet.

Samsung has done away with the plastic, removable backs and is making the Note series feel extremely high-end with this latest iteration. Both the front and the back of this device are gorgeous to look at it, and like the S6 edge+, the Note 5 feels smaller than it actually is. Unlike the S6 edge+ this new Note also features rounded edges on its back which helps you hold the device better and makes it feel more secure in the hand.


Samsung has also kept the S-Pen around for its fifth Note. The company has added a nice little clicking mechanism to the S-Pen ejects instead of needing to be pulled out of the device. While the clicking may not do anything outside of the device, it actually feels more like an actual pen than ever before.

The Samsung Note also allows you to quickly takes notes when you need to by simply taking out the S Pen when the screen is off. When this occurs, you’ll get a black chalkboard-like screen to appear over which you can write, scribble or draw to your heart’s content.

I can safely say that this is the first Galaxy Note that I am dying to use. I haven’t been a huge fan of the big form factor before, but the fact that this device feels so comfortable, makes me completely reconsider that position. Couple that with the fact that the S Pen has a couple of nifty improvements and you’ve sold me in terms of first impressions.

Like with the S6 edge+, how good its battery life will be remains to be seen. Note fans may not love the fact that it’s not longer removable, and that storage isn’t expandable via SD card, but Samsung is hoping all of its other improvements in design and looks trump what it has decided to do without going forward.

We’ll be reviewing both the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5, so stay tuned for all our thoughts about both devices.