We’ve seen quite a few leaks of the upcoming BlackBerry Windermere, unofficially dubbed the Q30. Some alleged specs surfaced, which most were revealed in the BlackBerry OS 10.3 leaks. We even saw alleged soft-shell cases surface.

It was discussed in our N4BB Live webcast that the Windermere was nearly completed and likely to launch next. BlackBerry essentially confirmed this, including the resolution and DPI, for the next QWERTY device.

Now, our supplier that fills our accessories store has apparently received 1:1 fit case for the upcoming Windermere. Not too big of a deal, right? That’s up for you to decide. Though, I think it gives you a better idea of where the speakers and other ports reside on the device.

The case reveals some things we couldn’t previously tell about Windermere. While the charging port will be on the bottom-side, much like the Z3, the Windermere will have its power button on the top.

Once the BlackBerry Windermere is ready to release, we’ll have this and many other accessories readily available for purchase. Until then, check out the photos below: