BlackBerry has always had hidden emoticons within their OS. This seems to have carried over to BB10 as well. In quest of a high quality snowflake image Pat Wallace found images of new BBM emoticons within the Channels Manager. He immediately set out to decode the short code for these emoticons and so far 10 have been revealed and seem to be working for many users across many OS versions of BB10. You can use the list below to create the symbols on your own device, and see the full array of new images as well.

*Note you will have to remove the spaces between the characters to create the desired emoticon*
Try them out and let us know if you find anymore hidden symbols!



In the full finding you’ll see there are more animals and more action symbols even the red notification splat is shown off and a penguin! No tell of when we’ll have full access to these (and possibly more icons) but we’ll likely see them come with a BBM update in the near future.

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