Terry Cavanagh, the indie game developer behind the hit iOS title ‘Super Hexagon’, is thinking about venturing to other platforms. So far, Super Hexagon has sold “way beyond expectations, actually. It’s sold about 10,000 copies in three days, and has been in the top 25 on the iPhone charts,” Cavanagh said, in response to a question about the game’s performance on the App Store.

Word seems to be spreading among developers that BlackBerry is still a viable platform. “For other platforms, right now I’m hoping to do an Android port, and PC and Mac ports. And a friend of mine has a Blackberry playbook, so I might give that a shot too for the hell of it,” Cavanagh said.

While Cavanagh didn’t give a tentative release date, we can at least expect to see Super Hexagon on the BlackBerry platform in the future. Hopefully more developers of highly addictive games will begin to see it truly is in their best interest to port their games to BlackBerry 10. This is especially true since one iOS developer has even made a walk-through porting guide.

via Pocket Gamer