Even before BlackBerry 7 devices were launched, RIM made it very clear that the first QNX-enabled BlackBerry phones would be launching right after. This is likely one of the reasons the sell-through on BlackBerry 7 devices has been anything but great. Why buy a new BlackBerry when the best one ever would be out a few months later? Likely this was the sentiment from many users.

Now that BlackBerry 10 has been delayed to Q1 2013, which could be as late as March 2013 (8 months away), should you pickup that BlackBerry 7 device? We say yes, but only under one circumstance. If you don’t mind shelling out the full price or can find a used one in great condition, go for it. Otherwise, if you’d have to sign a new 2yr contract in order to get the subsidized price point, stay away.

It’s ultimately up to you. But why would you want to get locked into a contract right before BlackBerry 10 launches? BlackBerry 7 is a pretty good step forward in the Java-based OS, but it is no where close to the awesomeness of BlackBerry 10. While these reasons really may seem like common sense, we hope we sparked some thought into your buying decision on BlackBerry 7.