It’s been a while since this app was last updated, but here we have today a new version of HootSuite.  HootSuite is a social media app that lest you keep track and update all your social networks, that’s LinkedIn, Facebook, foursquare and Twitter. Here’s the changelog for this release:

  • LinkedIn: Add your account (on OS5 and OS6) or import from HootSuite web and view news updates and profiles
  • Foursquare: Comments on check-ins from your friends
  • Facebook: Add Pages directly from your handset, plus view events and search
  • Twitter:
    • Favoriting: Add faves from the stream or by individual messages
    • Friends: Choose recently-replied-to contacts in Compose screen plus see friendship status
    • Posting: Reply-all for Tweets + see network icons overlaid on avatars
    • Lists: Create and manage Twitter lists including following and viewing

Download HootSuite for BlackBerry >>