Back in June, SoundHound announced its first voice search app, Hound, and now it’s letting some select users test out the first version of it for the iPhone. Hound, which aims to make life using voice search much easier, has put itself in direct competition with the likes of Siri, Google Now, Cortana, and others, but it’s confident its superior search ability will make it stand out from the rest.

In early tests of the alpha version out now, Hound has performed quite admirably for me. Asking it “is it going to rain today?” in a natural tone not only returned the correct written response for my location, but also included the forecast throughout the day. Of course, that’s a pretty easy question to tackle.


Hound can also get pretty specific when it comes to results based on your questions. For example, asking it to search for hotel rooms in a specific location with a target price in mind yields that exact result for the timeframe specified. The same can be said for restaurants, sporting events, and countless other searches.

For an early release, Hound for iOS has been pretty on point for me. There are obviously some hiccups and annoyances, like the inability to go back to the regular home screen after asking a question. But I get a feeling these quirks will get worked out before the app has its public release.

If you got a chance to get in on the Hound for iOS testing, let us know how you like it below.