Most people use BlackBerry for business, but even those who don’t will find this guide useful. Sometimes you have a very busy or social life and can’t always keep track of the things you have to do, even the ones that are part of a routine for you. You BlackBerry Calendar app can really save and simply your life by reminding you of events you have to assist, tasks you must complete or even just your friends and family birthdays. This guide will show you how to add an event or appointment to your Calendar so you will never forget anything again.

To add an event or appointment to your BlackBerry simply open the Calendar app:

1. Press the Menu button and tap New Appointment. You’ll see a new screen where you can enter the details of the event or appointment.

2. Write a Subject name, this can be anything just make sure it’s something you will understand such as “Meeting with Boss” or “Mom’s Birthday” (though honestly, you should know your mother’s birthday.) You can also insert a Location name if you need to remember that as well.

3. In the time section you should enter the day and time the event or appointment starts. If it’s an all day event, such as a birthday, just check the box next to All Day.

Adding a reminder and recurrence to an event on your Calendar

The steps above are all the basic steps you need to follow to add an event to your BlackBerry Calendar. There are other things you can also edit while creating a new event, such as adding a reminder or recurrence in case it’s a common, recurring task. Here’s how to do it:

1. To add a reminder, in the Time section of the New Appointment screen select the time frame in the box next to the Reminder label. This could be 15 minutes, an hour, a week before the event.

2. In the Recurrence box, choose how often you’d like the event to happen. It can be none, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. For weekly events, you get to choose which days of the week the event will happen.

Once you’re done, tap the folder with the green check mark to save the event. That’s it! Now you won’t have to remember all of your appointments, let your BlackBerry do it for you.