BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is one of the best reasons to own a BlackBerry. In the past, giving someone your PIN was the only way to add a contact to your BBM list. With BBM 6, you’ve got lots of options.  Among these, N4BB will show you one of the coolest ways to scan someone’s BBM barcode instead of dealing with hard-to-remember PINs.

What you do:

First things first! Open up BBM on your BlackBerry smartphone. Press the BlackBerry Menu Button, then select “Invite to BBM”.


Select the “Scan a PIN barcode”.



Now you’re ready to go!   Wait until your soon-to-be-BBM-friend is ready before you press “Start Scanning”!

What the other person does:

Next, the person you want to add to your list must have their barcode showing on their BlackBerry smartphone’s screen. To do this, they must open up their BBM, press the BlackBerry menu button and select “View My Profile”.


Next to where it says “PIN Barcode”, press “Show”.  It will now display their unique BBM barcode.


Now, press continue and hold your BlackBerry about 20 cm above the other one to scan the barcode on the screen of the other.

Within seconds it should scan the barcode and you’ll be one more BBM contact richer!  Happy BBMing!