BlackBerry smartphones are actually very customisable. Using themes, you can change the way your BlackBerry homescreen looks like with just a few steps.  It’s easy to do, just follow these steps.

Themes are like apps.  You download them from App World, and install them on your BlackBerry.  But unlike apps, they change your homescreen instead of launching an app.

First, open up App World.  Then go to “Themes”.

Next, find a theme you want to install. I found a paper theme that I think is cool (and free!).

Since I’ve already downloaded it before, I see a “Reinstall” button it instead of a “Download” one when I select it.

The theme will download just like any other app.

It will probably ask you if you want to activate the theme.  Go ahead and activate it if you like.

Your homescreen will now look way cooler and all your dreams will come true.

If you do get bored of your theme or just straight up don’t like it, you can go back to the original BlackBerry theme.

Head into “Options”.  Then select “Display”.

Then select “Screen Display“.

Then scroll down to the bottom and select BlackBerry 7 (or 6, 5 or 4) theme.

Press “Activate” and you’re back to the good ol’ BlackBerry look and feel.

Themes are fun, neat, and a great way to refresh your phone to make it feel like it’s brand new!