BlackBerry 7 offers a great new feature that allows you to change your default search options in the browser. Those of you on Verizon will know that this comes as a blessing over OS 6, as Verizon and Bing secured a searching agreement. Anyone on Verizon who would use the default searching capabilities in the browser, could only use Bing. Unless, they went directly to a different search provider.

Bing is still set as the default search provider on the Bold 9930 and you cannot delete it. Follow these steps to make Google your default search engine:

  • Click on the ‘options’ tab in the browser
  • Select ‘Manage Search Engines’
  • Click on ‘New Search Engine’
  • Make name Google
  • Change address to:

Once you’ve saved the new search engine, hold down on it and a window will pop-up. Here, is the option to ‘set as default’, which you’ll want to select.

Other search engines should work in the same regard, where you’ll put %s in the correct spot of the URL for the search term. If you know how to setup additional search engines, please leave a comment explaining the process.