The screen on your BlackBerry smartphone can detect changes in light levels using a light sensor.  This allows you to use your BlackBerry in direct sunlight and in total darkness instantly without having to change any settings.  But you do have some control over the average brightness of the screen.  You can adjust the average “backlighting” of your BlackBerry screen in the BlackBerry Options menu.  Here’s how to go about it!

Simply open up the “Options” menu by selecting the wrench icon.

Then select “Display”.

Then finally select “Screen Display”.

Scroll down to where it says “Backlight Brightness”.

The options range from “10” to “100”, with 10 being the dimmest and 100 being the brightest.

Note that the higher you set the backlight brightness, the shorter the battery life on your BlackBerry. Also keep in mind that enabling “Battery savings mode” will also lower the screen brightness.

Personally, I keep my backlight brightness at 10 to save as much battery as possible.  I find the screen to be bright enough at 10 in most cases.  If I do need it brighter, I can always adjust it higher.

This method is for BlackBerry 6 and 7 smartphones, for older BlackBerrys, the method is slightly different, but still very similar.

What backlight brightness do you rock?  Sound off in the comments below!