Last tuesday I wrote a guide on how to create BBM groups and fellow BlackBerry user told me on Twitter that I now I should do a guide on how to disable BBM group notifications so users won’t want to quit BlackBerry. If you have BBM groups that are constantly writing, the LED and sound alerts will most likely drive you insane to the point you’ll want to smash your BlackBerry. We don’t want you doing that, so here’s a guide to disable BBM group LED and Sound notifications. Thanks @xAshley1983x for the idea!

1. Go to Options and select Sounds and Ring Tones from the menu.

2. Once there, choose Profile Management.

3. You’ll see a list with all your sound profiles. Choose the one you would like to edit, the one you normally use.

4. Go over to the Instant Messages section and select BBM Groups.

5. Set the Volume to Silent and the LED to Off.

6. Press the Back button and save changes. That’s it!

This should disable all BBM Group notifications, but you will still get the notification icon so you won’t miss any messages. If you have any questions or suggestions for our next how to, leave them in the comments below!