With many BlackBerry owners around the world, how do we all separate ourselves from each other? The answer, BlackBerry Themes. Although we all use a similar handset, we all individually have different personalities. In this How To, I will show you how to install BlackBerry themes on your BlackBerry smartphones and how to activate them as your default theme.

Download Your Theme

To download a theme for your BlackBerry device, navigate to > BlackBerry App World from the home screen. For this How To I will be downloading and installing Hedone Design’s Phazer theme for the Bold 9900.

Select > Themes Category

When in this category you have the option to either search for the desired theme that you want, or you can browse through the other categories listed. When you have found the desired theme, purchase and download. When you have finished downloading your theme, lets now activate it as your default theme.

Activate Your Theme

Now that we have downloaded our theme, let’s activate it. From the home screen:

Select > Options > Display > Screen Display

Scroll down to the Themes Menu

Then, Select the theme that you have downloaded, for me it will be the Phazer theme, then select > Activate

When you have completed these steps, your home screen and other designed elements should reflect the chosen theme.