BlackBerry’s are by far the most secure smartphones out there, but that still won’t prevent anyone from harming you if you lose your phone or it gets stolen. We showed you before how to setup a password on your BlackBerry smartphone, but is that enough for you? If you have important files on your BlackBerry you might want to encrypt your data to prevent anyone from accessing the files in your device. Here’s how you can enable

1. Go to Options and open Security settings

2. Tap the Encryption option on the new menu

3. To encrypt your device memory, check the box next to Encrypt under Device Memory to enable it.

4. Select from the drop-down menu the Strength you want to use for the encryption

5. Choose what you want to encrypt. This can be contacts and/or media files.

6. To encrypt your SD Card, check the box next to Encrypt under Media Card

7. You can encrypt media files in your SD card. Check the box next to Include Media Files to enable this feature.

8. In the Mode field you can choose from the drop-down box the encryption mode you would like to use on your SD card. I always use the Device Password option since I don’t need all the protection on a few photos, but in case you were wondering the Device Key uses an encryption key for a media card generated by the BlackBerry smartphone.

9. Once you’re done, hit back and tap Save when asked to save changes. You’ll be prompted for your password, enter it and you’re done!

Note: Enabling Encryption could slow down your phone so if you see any significant changes in your BlackBerry’s performance you might want to disable this. To do so, simply uncheck box Encrypt boxes under Device Memory and Media Card and save.