So you see everyone else with the ‘BB’ logo that looks like this:  Well, not quite like that on your Blackberry. You want to be cool just like them, right? Now you can! Simply visit this page from your Blackberry device and you will be able to easily copy each symbol and add it to Blackberry Messenger 5.0:
 ☂ ☃ ☁ ♡ ☇ ⌣ © ® ¶ ¿ § ø œ Œ Þ ™ ♥ ♣ ♠ ♦ ☎ ♍ ♑ ♉ ♐ ♈ ♒ ♋ ♌ ♎ Σ Λ Γ ☑ ☀
Æ ⇆ ☎ ✆ ✉ ♊ ♏ ♓ ‪ Δ Ψ Φ Θ Ξ Ω ♢ ♤ ♧ ♡ Π​ Σ † τ λ ※ ▲ △ ▼ ▽ № • ◦

Here is an additional tutorial on how to save these symbols to the Blackberry Auto Text after the break…

Tutorial by Brianjr1988 from here.
After you get the symbols sent to you, you will need to copy them by
highlighting, hitting the button with the blackberry logo on it and go
to select and then moving the trackball over the image must be
highlighted at that point if u have done it right will look like this:

If it looks like that in the image/highlighted,
then hit the button with the blackberry logo beside the trackball and
select copy. Once you have done that exit out of the txt/email/bb
message that you got sent.
Now hit the
blackberry icon button and that should take you to the screen with all
the apps. From there select “options” and scroll down to “sms/mms
text,” select that and make sure that the “disable autotext” says [no] – Once you’ve done that, save the change and then scroll up to “auto
text” and select that – then click the blackberry logo button and go to
“new” – Now if you have done that right you will be at a window that
looks like this:

Where it says replace you could type in “bblogo” and for the “with” you
hit the blackberry logo button and select “paste” and you should see
the symbol. When you close it, it should ask you to save – save it. If
it does not, go back and redo that and then hit the blackberry logo
button and select save. If you have it right you will see this info
like in the screenshot below:

Once you have that all done you can now close the “autotext” window and
open your BBM. Once you have it open you can edit your name via the
blackberry button and go to “edit my info” and type in bblogo and hit
the space and there you go! You should see the “bblogo” – Now if you
want the other symbols that you see above you have to do this all
(Also if you hold the keys down and move the track ball to the left and
right you will get other ones too – its just text and some symbols .