When you first get your BlackBerry, you’ll notice a tons of icons you’ll probably never use.  Phone?  Yahoo Messenger? Power Off?  Help?  I know I’ll never use these icons.   I’m sure there are many icons you can think of that you’ll probably never use. Thankfully, there is a way to get them out of sight and out of mind.  Icons can be easily hidden by a long press on the icon, bringing up the action menu.  Another way is by selecting the icon and using the BlackBerry menu button and select “Hide icon”.

For example, if you don’t want to see the phone icon because you can easily use the hardware button, you can hide it.  Using a long press on the icon, you’ll see the action menu.  Selecting “Hide Icon” will label as “hidden” and wont’ appear on your homescreen.

But it isn’t actually gone forever, it’s just hidden.  By pressing the BlackBerry menu button and selecting “Show All Icons” , you’ll see all your hidden icons appear as translucent icons that can can be pressed.

Unhiding icons is as simple as hiding them.  By doing the same steps and selecting “Unhide Icon”, the icon will be unhidden again and appear as normal.

This is useful as some icons can’t be deleted, even when you know you’ll never need them.  Hiding them allows you that extra bit of control over your homescreen.  Also, when hiding an icon that exists in multiple panels, you can choose to hide it in all or just one of the panels.  This allows you to put icons pretty much wherever you want when you don’t want all of them in the “All” panel.

Folders can also be hidden, allowing you to create a “Junk” folder full of the carrier bloatware and links that you’ll never have to look at again.  All this works with almost every Modern BlackBerry from OS 4 and up!

Which icons will/do you hide on your BlackBerry?  Sound off in the comments below!