With BlackBerry OS 6, panels were introduced to add some organization on the homescreen.  However, if you didn’t like them, you were kinda out of luck.  Luckily, RIM has listened to you with BlackBerry 7!  You can turn off/on panels right from the homescreen very easily.

First, bring up the menu by pressing the BlackBerry button and then press “Manage Panels”.

 + Manage Panels

You’ll now be able to turn off/on the “Favorites”, “Media”, “Downloads” and “Frequent” tabs at your whim.

Unchecking or checking the boxes will turn off or on panels, respectively.  You still are forced to keep the “All” panel (which makes sense), but all other panels are optional.  I keep my panels at “All” ” Media” and “Downloads” so I don’t ever have to scroll vertically.  How do you like your homescreen panels?