The past two weeks has been pretty chaotic for me with my new born baby girl. Throughout the whole thing I must have dropped my BlackBerry Bold 9900 over a dozen times. After a fresh OS install, I realized some of my keyboard keys were not working properly. I did the entire wipe and reload method and still nothing was corrected.

Then I remembered that there is a much simpler way to check on problems with your device. You can run your BlackBerry in “safe mode” just how you would run a damaged Windows PC. Once you reach safe mode you can test the device and see if any of the issues are still there.

To enter Safe Mode follow these steps:

  1. Remove Battery
  2. Insert battery
  3. While the phone powers up HOLD DOWN THE BACK Button
  4. The device will now power on prompting you to continue in safe mode or reset
  5. Click ‘Ok’ and now you are in “Safe Mode”