RIM’s BlackBerry smarpthones are known for their security.  Some of it is in the background, maintaining your privacy.  But other measures are simple and everyday solutions to keeping your information save.  The most basic form of security is a password that you can set up yourself.  If you phone is ever stolen or gets lost with the password enabled, someone will have a hard time accessing your personal information.

Setting up a password is simple.  Simply go into “Options”.

Then go to Security”.

Then Selected “Password”

Check the Box beside “Enable” and then press “Set Password”.

Then yype in your top secret password.  You’ll have to type it in twice, just to be sure!

After that, press the back button, select “Save” and your BlackBerry will be set up with a password.  The password will be enabled you leave it for an hour(you can change this) without use.  Be careful to remember your password, you only have up to 10 attempts at the most if you forget it.  If you ever want to turn it off the password, you can do by unselecting  “Enable Password”.

You can set when the password login will be enabled, how many attempts you have until the phone denies any other attempts, and you can change other options as well.

Do you keep a password enabled on your BlackBerry?  If so, what is it? … JUST KIDDING!  But how do you feel about having a password on your BlackBerry?  Sound off in the comments below!