Print To Go is a new feature that RIM introduced in the PlayBook OS 2.0, with this feature it allows you to print documents from your PC to your BlackBerry PlayBook. This is a very eco-friendly method to save on printing paper. Print To GO converts your documents into .PDF files and transports them wirelessly to your PlayBook with the benefit of organizing them. For those who are looking to setup this feature, included in this post is a tutorial on setting up Print To Go on your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Install Desktop Application

Before we begin, please download and install the desktop application on your computer:

Download Print To Go

*In order to use Print To Go, you must have Windows XP or higher installed on your computer, and both your computer and your BlackBerry PlayBook must be communicating on the same wireless network. When you have downloaded and installed the desktop application, select a file to print via your computer and select the Print To Go printer. This will bring us to the login screen to begin setup to use this feature.

After you have started the print, you will see a screen popup asking for your BlackBerry ID credentials, this will include your email address and password used with your BlackBerry PlayBook.

Launch Print To Go on your BlackBerry PlayBook

1.       On your BlackBerry PlayBook, look for the Print To Go Icon and launch the application.

2.       Swipe down from the top bezel and click the setting icon on the top right side of your screen.

Under the Desktop PC Pairing Password sub-heading you will need to enter this password into the screen that appear after you have successfully logged in via your BlackBerryID credentials as seen below.

Once you have entered the password just as it appears on your PlayBook into the fields on your computer click NEXT.

*TIP: Select the “Remember me on this computer” check box. This will prohibit you from having to keep entering this information into your computer each time you choose to use this service.

After you have followed these steps carefully and you go to print your document it will be converted and sent automatically to your PlayBook as seen below:

 CONGRATULATIONS on successfully setting up Print To Go on your BlackBerry PlayBook, happy printing!