Say you want to find out what operating system you’re running, or your BBM pin quickly and you don’t want to fiddle around in the Options menu.  We’ll there’s a way, using BlackBerry’s famous AutoText feature!

If in any one of the standard BlackBerry applications, like Tasks, Messages, Calendar, Tasks, BBM, Memo Pad, Password Keeper(…the list goes on), simply type:

myver” which displays your operating system version.

mypin” which displays your BBM pin.

mynumber” which displays your phone number.

After typing any of these, simply press the spacebar and Autotext will kick in and display what you need.  Don’t worry, it won’t be blanked out like the image below.

Magical, I know!  It’s great for sending useful information by email or BBM with just a few characters.

There are tons of these shortcuts already installed on your BlackBerry!  Here are a few more useful ones.

ld” for the date

lt” for the time.

sig” for your signature

usrid” for your “user id” or name (mine comes up as “Ross”)

It gets even better too!  You can customize Autotext to make up your own shortcuts that can display anything you want. Your BlackBerry already has a whole bunch of them to make your typing even quicker.  To make your own or edit them, simply go into “Options”.  Then “Typing and Language”.

Then Select “Word Substitution”.

Press the BlackBerry button and select “New”.

Type in your shortcut, and then what you want it to type out for you.

Press the BlackBerry button and select “Save”.  It will be saved in the word substitution list.  That’s all there is to it!  What words do have (or want to have) set to AutoText?  Sound off in the comments!