Wiping a BlackBerry smartphone is something all BlackBerry users should know how to do. If you sell your BlackBerry, you should always make sure you delete everything on it to prevent the info from getting into the wrong hands. Maybe you just want to wipe your BlackBerry for fun. Either way, you’re not going to delete every file, email and/or contact one by one, right? Here’s how to wipe your BlackBerry:

1. Go to Options and select Security.

2. From the menu here, select Security Wipe.

3. On the next screen, check what you would like to delete. If you checked Media Card, all files in your microSD card will be deleted, so make sure you backup anything you want to keep. Same goes for Emails, Contacts and User Installed Applications.

4. Enter “blackberry” in the text field at the bottom and press Wipe Data to DELETE all info from your BlackBerry smartphone.

That’s it, now your BlackBerry is back to factory settings, depending on what you deleted. If you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment below!