Image of HTC 10

HTC released HTC 10, its much-anticipated flagship smartphone for 2016, earlier this year. Now Evan Blass, the famed (and trusted) leakster hits again. He tweeted about another 10-inch smartphone from HTC; HTC Desire 10, which could be making its way to us later this year.

News of a new flagship from HTC always creates excitement and you might want to look at HTC Desire 10 as a sequel to HTC 10, which may not be the case.

While some of HTC’s work comes at a high price, HTC does not want to leave any of its customers wanting. It could also be looking at something transformative in the mid-range.

HTC 10 was found to be one of the best HTC-made smartphones in years. However, a news report from TrendForce reveals that the handset hasn’t done well with HTC struggling to sell 1 million units by the end of the year. Compare this with Samsung selling tens of millions units of Galaxy S7 phones (Both Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge) from March until now.

HTC Desire Phones

HTC’s Desire lineup is usually all about low to mid-range phones meant for the audience who cannot or will not spend too much money on a high-end flagship.

While the Desire phones may not offer the high-end experience you get from HTC’s flagships; they come with decent specs.

But HTC hasn’t had much success on the Desire front with only the 530 finally reaching US recently.

If there is a “HTC Desire 10” coming, we’ll just have to wait and see if it’s going to stand out from the other three-digit HTC models.

HTC Desire 10 Specs

There are no specifics from Evan Blass on what the HTC Desire 10 will bring. But he suggests that the handset has a rear camera similar to the one on HTC 10.

Since the name echoes back to the HTC 10, we assume it may suggest a more high-end phone than the current crop of budget-centric Desires.

Blass tweeted that the phone will be coming “end of Q3.” Does this indicate an unveiling at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin, Germany, where the previous Desire phones like the 820 were hosted in the past?

For now, all we have is questions and more questions. Check back with us at a later date where we may have more details about HTC Desire 10 for you.