Devcellent Solutions, the creator of the very popular Email++ app, is back at it for BlackBerry 10. Hub++ has been released for BlackBerry 10, which seeks to change the way you manage your email and text notifications.

Hub++ allows you to change the LED with many colors to choose from, toggle on/off Vibrate, and over 40 pre-loaded ringtones for each email and text account. When you receive messages you can have them popup with options to ‘mark as read’, flag, delete save, and much more.

Devcellent Solutions let us know about the future updates, which will include:

  • Custom vibrate patterns
  • Queued LED notifications – if two or more LED notifications are kicked off, they will all light up in sequence
  • More filtering options – Notifications and Actions (delete, move, mark read etc..) based on from, to, cc, bcc, subject etc.

Hub++ is available for $1.99 in BlackBerry World here.