One of my biggest annoyances with Hulu has been how even though I’m paying for the service, I still had to sit through commercials. Well, apparently I’m not alone, and the sentiment has been so strong about this that Hulu has decided to introduce a new paid tier to their service which includes zero commercials. The new ad-free Hulu will be a little more expensive ($11.99/month) than the regular one ($7.99/month), but if you’re already a subscriber, you might as well make the jump to the better deal by adding the cost of a Starbucks Frappuccino to your subscription.

The deal is now live, and Hulu is actually emailing all previous customers that cancelled their account thanking them for the “tough love” they needed to get to make this new move happen. As a sign of good faith, they’re letting everyone try out this new commercial-free subscription for a full week for free.


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