Hype Machine aggregates the top trending new music from over 800 music blogs. If you’re into hearing music from emerging artists or what’s hot, look no further.

When I first discovered Hype Machine, I knew it would be a success. Surely, Hype Machine would be available on other platforms. To my surprise, Hype Machine is only available on iOS for $3.99.

Because one of the creators of Hype Machine has been a long time user, not only did they bring a native app to BlackBerry 10 before Android, they made the app free!

Hype Machine for BlackBerry 10 has the following features:

  • LATEST: Music being discussed right now, constantly updated
  • POPULAR: Tracks that are getting the most love on the Hype Machine
  • FAVORITES: Your favorite tracks on the Hype Machine. A simple offline view lets you see your recently played favorites when you are in air or underground.
  • FEED: Customized new posts from your favorite blogs, and friends
  • FRIENDS: Music your friends are loving right now
  • GENRES: Newest tracks posted on blogs organized by genre
  • BLOG DIRECTORY: Every blog we track at http://hypem.com/blogs
  • ALBUM PREMIERE: Preview a new album, in full, every week

Start finding new and trending music and support a fellow BlackBerry fan by downloading Hype Machine for BlackBerry 10 in BlackBerry World here.