Despite the media frenzy surrounding the Apple/IBM alliance, new information regarding BES10 hosting has shed some light on another side of the equation. IBM’s German subsidiary will be one of the partners to offer BES10 hosting services in the EMEA region. BES10 hosting allows enterprises to tap into the BES infrastructure without the need for managing the day-to-day faculties of on-site server architecture.

IBM being open to hosting BES10 shows that BlackBerry remains a predominate player in enterprise field. Their service cannot be ignored as it offers the most robust, reliable and secure platform for EMM. It serves well to understand that IBM does have an MDM platform, but their market share is negligible at best, as they are not even one of BlackBerry’s top 3 competitors at this point.

It begs the question – as IBM beings pushing iPads/iPhones to their customer base – what solution will provide the security infrastructure behind the devices? Another great point to bring up is that the Apple/IBM announcement was just that, an announcement. The BlackBerry and IBM deal is live right now, along with several other partners. You can set up BES10 hosting today, not ‘later this year.’

Once again, Apple is all talk, while BlackBerry actually delivers.

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